Table Of Contents

The Power and Love Sandwich

Why You Should Seek God’s Face AND His Hand!


Table of Contents

 Dedication vii

What People Are Saying ix

Foreword xi

Preface xiii

  1. A Life of Miracles 1

Desire 1

God is Generous 2

Miracles! 3

Shocked by God’s Extreme Goodness 4

Jesus Is a Real Person! 5

  1. Concerns about the Miraculous 9

Resistance 9

“Seek God’s Face, Not His Hand” 11

What Is Love Without Power? 13

  1. The Power-and-Love Sandwich 15

God Is Powerful and God Is Loving 15

God’s Love is Revealed through His Power and His Works 17

If Faith Without Works Is Dead, What Is Love With No Power? 19

The Sandwich 21

  1. Do the Gifts of the Spirit Put You in Danger of Falling into Pride? 23

Fear of Pride 23

Talking about God’s Deeds of Power is Proclaiming His Glory  25

Did Paul’s Visions Make Him Vulnerable to Pride? 27

Being exalted is not pride! It is good! 29

Learning War 32

Conclusion 35

  1. How the Power of God Can Change You 37

Why Exercising the Gifts of the Spirit Should Produce the Fruit of the Spirit in You  37

Experiencing God’s Power Humbles Us! 38

Sanctification 40

The Fear of the Lord 43

Sharing the Gospel 45

Self-Esteem 46

Joy and Perseverance 47

Peace and Patience 49

Gentleness and Generosity 50

Conclusion 51

  1. Pursuing the Way of Love and Spiritual Gifts 53

The Menu 53

Seeking the Greater Gifts 56

  1. How to Grow in the Gifts of the Spirit 61

Ask God! 61

Step Out! 63

Impartation 66

Be Faithful with What You Have Been Given 69

Yeilding to the Work of the Holy Spirit When We Meet 72

  1. Gifts of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders 77

The Purposes of Signs and Wonders 77

Dealing With Lying Signs and Wonders 79

Fallacious Criticisms of Signs and Wonders 81

Lying Signs and Wonders Today 90

Some of the Signs I Have Seen or Experienced From God 93

Conclusion 100

  1. Taste and See that the Lord is Good. 103

Come and Eat! 103

Give It Away! God Will Multiply It! 104