Month: December 2015

If You Believe, You Will See the Glory of God (Story of healing from a stroke)

I have seen so many people healed, but there are certain instances that really teach me something about God or about faith. This healing from a stroke was one of those times. This was also one of those miracles that

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Forgiveness and Seeing God as He Is

(This is an excerpt from what I was writing today in the first book of the “Heaven Now” series, “Present Access to Heaven”. The context is dealing with things that keep us from seeing God as he is, thus preventing

Grammy’s Second Trip to Heaven-A Near Death Experience

Earlier I wrote about my grandmother’s (Grammy’s) first trip to heaven. The first trip was a vision. The second, a few years later, was a near death experience. I am only saying as much as she told me. I don’t

I Used to Mourn (Poetry by Arnolda Brenneman)

The Promise of Resurrection   As you read this poem, think of the hope of resurrection that these scriptures promise for the believer. It was with this perspective that Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 4:17 about his persecutions and sufferings “For

Grammy’s First Trip to Heaven

The First Trip to Heaven I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but I’m estimating it was around 2008. This vision was the first of my grandmother’s (Grammy’s) two experiences with heaven. The second was a near-death experience. Grammy’s Skepticism

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