Month: April 2016

I Will Sing Your Praise Before The “Gods”

Anger At Crime And Corruption Last week I wrote about the Lord working in the midst of a terrible situation, where my friends lost a child who was kidnapped and killed. That was a glimpse into some of the difficulties we

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Experiencing God’s Goodness In The Midst Of Tragedy

Violence  I live outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Favelas surround us. Favelas are areas controlled by drug lords, where even the police are often afraid to enter. The last few weeks have felt like we were in the middle

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The Traffic Light Miracle

Today’s post is a guest post by Michael King. Michael is a friend who has experienced some interesting signs and wonders and who wrote the first-ever book on the phenomenon of gemstones appearing supernaturally, Gemstones From Heaven. You can find

“The Power Of Faith” Or The Goodness Of God?

“The Power Of Faith”  Recently I shared the stories from last week’s post with a few people I met at a snack bar. Some of them had been healed weeks before when I first met them, or tangibly felt God’s presence