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HeavenHere are links to some of the other websites, blogs, and You Tube channels that I follow.

You Tube Channels

Todd White-Lifestyle Christianity This is a great channel for teaching clips and testimony/healing videos.

Luis Sanchez Again, teaching and testimonies. I love his stuff about discipleship and sharing your faith in the workplace.

Tom Loud This is also a great channel to see testimonies and be encouraged to minister to people on the street.

Joe McIntyre Joe McIntyre gave a teaching on a more biblical view of Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” that changed my life. (Sometime around 2005, I think). I became convinced that there were no exceptions to God’s will to heal. I began to see miracles happen through my hands after that. He has a lot of really edifying teaching that imparts grace and is worth listening to.

Art Thomas I came across this guy on the internet somehow and found that he had some really solid teaching about how to minister healing. It was biblical and didn’t make it complicated. I’m not into the complicated stuff. Very encouraging.

The Last Reformation Extremely encouraging. Lot’s of videos of street healing. I cry when I watch these sometimes, as I do when I see many other healing videos.

Dan Mohler I met Dan Mohler in 2006 or 2007. A friend from church knew I was into healing the sick and told me about Dan. He had a Thursday night meeting every week somewhere in the countryside. Dan convinced me to stop thinking that anybody else’s unbelief could hinder my faith and to drop all the complicated stuff I had learned to do to get people healed. I quickly became much more effective when ministering to people, and I gained the boldness and faith to see unbelievers and skeptics healed.

Dan is my favorite preacher. I love his teaching about “Becoming Love”.

Thomas Fischer Tom is another guy that I came across on Facebook. He has lots of good videos of street healing.

Pete Cabrera Jr. I found Pete on Facebook as well, several years ago. He has some of the best healing/testimony videos, and he has really encouraged me to keep going and keep growing. Yeah, I cry watching a lot of his videos.

Divine Healing Technician Series. This isn’t actually a You Tube channel, but it’s a playlist of teaching by Curry Blake. I found it somehow a few years ago. I’m not sure how. Even though I already believed nearly everything that Curry taught(mostly since meeting Dan Mohler), this was one of the most thorough and accurate teachings on Divine Healing that I have ever come across. I was aware of very few others who believe what I did about healing, until I found Curry Blake on the internet.


Dan Mohler’s website This has a lot of really great free teachings on it, as well as Dan’s schedule.

Curry Blake’s website

Andrew Womack’s website Somebody told me about Andrew Wommack around 2010. I looked him up, and found that he had a lot of solid teaching and some good testimonies on his site.

Art Thomas’s webstite

Jesus Healing Power Today I found this site recently. It’s a good place to read testimonies, and also has articles and other material.

Healing Herald This is an online healing newspaper. I contributed a few of the older testimonies. It has now moved to Facebook.

ibethel testimonies This is a great place to read testimonies. I spend hours here when I first started to see people healed.

Global Awakening Testimonies Another great place to read/watch testimonies


The Rising Light Testimonies of healing and miracles.

The Greater News More testimonies of healing and miracles.

Supernatural Life Blog This is the blog of Holly Cusato. She’s into “exercising dominion in life” (as Romans 5:17 puts it), healing the sick, and doing the works of Jesus.

The Adoption I just found this website recently. I found that it had some things in common with what I write about, including a focus on healing.

LifeTree From the “About” page: “My passion is to see every person experience the abundant life available to us right now, to know their truest identity and the Oneness we can experience with the passionate creator of our beings.” I enjoy a lot of the articles here.

Another Red Letter Day I found an excerpt from Ben’s book “Encounters With Jesus” on Facebook. It was an account of Jesus healing the woman with an issue of blood, and I loved it! (Blood In The Sheets) I found that his blog had some good articles about things like Christian life and prayer, and I’m been following it ever since.

New Heaven On Earth These posts are really heavy on scripture. I like scripture and the glorious truths that are found within. It’s a little bit similar to my style in that it strings together a lot of scriptures, with thoughts about them.

Lady The Fearless This blog is about confronting fear. I enjoy the stories here, especially the ones that include kids.

Steve Bremner I’ve known Steve through Facebook for several years. He’s a missionary making disciples in Peru. He writes about making disciples and other topics as well, and I found that I resonated with a lot of his thoughts. I met Praying Medic on Facebook as well. I think it might have been around 2009. He was an atheist paramedic who became a Christian. God began to speak to him in dreams about ministering to his patients. There are a lot of posts with testimonies and stories, as well as links and embedded videos of people like Bill Johnson.

The Kings Of Eden This is Michael King’s blog. I met Michael on Facebook conversations at Praying Medic’s page. He has the only book out there about the supernatural manifestation of gemstones. I enjoy his stories of signs and wonders.

Steve Peace Harmon I found this website because Praying Medic talked about Steve. There are a lot of great testimonies and teachings here.

Healing Herald This is an online healing newspaper. I contributed a few of the older testimonies. It has now moved to Facebook.

ibethel testimonies This is a great place to read testimonies. I spent hours here when I first started to see people healed.

Global Awakening Testimonies Another great place to read/watch testimonies


Inside Out Training And Equipping School This is a free, online school with Skype classes focused on supernatural ministry. I found them several years ago on Facebook. The classes were a big blessing, and I liked that they were simple. They didn’t add all kinds of loops we have to jump through or things that Jesus didn’t do in order to minister to people.

I’m now a trainer for the Heal classes at the Inside Out School. These classes are a great opportunity to both practice and receive healing ministry.

My interview on the Touched By Prayer radio show is below. I talked about some of the things in my Power-And-Love Sandwich book, but I also touched on a few things in my Present Access To Heaven book. I began to tangibly feel the weight of the Lord’s glory as we were recording, and I pray for those listening at the end of the clip. Even if you don’t listen to the whole thing, listen to the prayer at about 1:03.

Here’s an excerpt from my book Present Access To Heaven, read by Millian Quinteros.