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The “Heaven Now” Series 

This series is a blueprint for experiencing heaven now, learning to walk, think, and talk as a heavenly person, and making the world around you like heaven. It’s filled with testimonies of miracles that directly resulted from understanding these truths and applying them. I wrote all of these books with many tears of thankfulness for what God has done in my life. I myself often re-read this series to remind myself of the truths God has taught me. This series includes testimonies of salvation, divine healing, a severed finger growing back, angels, supernatural rain in my house, and more. And it’s not complicated! These books are all based on understanding the truths of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and incarnation.

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  “A person is vaccinated by receiving a dead or weakened version of a virus in order to make him resistant to it. Satan, the father of lies, works to undermine and weaken our understanding of the gospel, so that we become resistant to it.”

“If you apply these simple gospel truths, they will bring you into a present experience and demonstration of heaven.”

The gospel is designed to bring us into a present experience of heaven. Understanding it produces joy unspeakable. If we are lacking in joy, there’s something we’re not getting. We’re paying lip service to what Jesus did, but acting as if it’s not true. If we aren’t experiencing heaven now, we should consider how we may have become resistant to gospel truths. Present Access To Heaven helps us to do just that, dealing with every lie and hindrance that is keeping us from experiencing heaven now and walking as heavenly people.

Present Access To Heaven includes several testimonies, including my experience ministering to maimed people and the story of a severed finger growing back after prayer.


Part 2 I Will Awaken The Dawn

I Will Awaken The Dawn

Scripture says that the earth is full of God’s glory. What would it look like if you became aware of his glory all around you? If Moses’ face was glowing with God’s glory, and we have access to a “far-surpassing glory,” then shouldn’t our faces be glowing all the more?

I Will Awaken The Dawn is full of revelation about praise, thanksgiving, and proclamation. But it’s not just theory! The church membership in one place doubled within a few months due to new Christians after God showed me how to become aware of his glory filling that city. This book is not only loaded with scripture, but it includes stories of supernatural multiplication and provision, supernatural rain in my house, my grandmother’s trip to heaven, and angelic activity. This book is for you if you long to see nations and cities liberated from oppression and filled with the knowledge of God’s glory.


Part 3 Jesus Has Come In The Flesh

Jesus Has Come In The Flesh

The incarnation is the fact that Jesus came to earth in a human body. It’s one of the foundational truths of the Christian faith, but few understand it very well. All orthodox Christians acknowledge that Jesus came as a man, with a human body. However, it’s easy to mentally acknowledge a truth but deny its implications. We can say something is true, yet actually think and act as if it isn’t. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. If what we believe isn’t producing power, we should consider how well we really understand the gospel.

Whole systems of thought within Christianity can be traced back to the teachings of the Gnostics, who denied that Jesus had come in a human body. Such teachings have crippled the church, resulting in powerlessness and a failure to manifest Christ’s nature of love.

This book traces all the major problems in our societies back to a belief system which denies the incarnation. Then it links the implications of the incarnation to the truths that are foundational to healing the sick and ministering in God’s power. The stories may make you cry. They include my first time helping a man out of a wheelchair, healing from an infection caused by self-harm, deliverance from alcoholism with healing from stage four cancer, healing from extreme chronic pain; and many other stories of healing, sharing Christ, and overrunning an antichrist spirit’s resistance.

This book includes the foundational truths necessary to be effective in healing ministry, but even people with decades of experience in ministering healing should find fresh insights and encouragement here.

“We’ve all agreed with an antichrist spirit’s lies at one time or another. It’s not that we don’t acknowledge Jesus has come in the flesh. It’s that we sometimes act and speak as if he hasn’t.”

“Once I broke free from the influence of an antichrist spirit, miracles happened all around me. Wherever the church lacks power, the influence of an antichrist spirit can be found.”


The Power And Love Sandwich

 The Power-And-Love SandwichThe Power-And-Love Sandwich tells the story of my journey into the miraculous. I share the ensuing victories and struggles, including disappointment, misunderstandings, and the fear of pride.

Many people struggle with fear or nervousness about spiritual gifts even though they believe in miracles. The Power-And-Love Sandwich uses sound scriptural exegesis to uproot these fears, unmasking the lies that Satan has planted in the church and refuting a false dichotomy between God’s power and his nature.

In addition, The Power-And-Love Sandwich addresses other common questions and concerns about spiritual gifts and signs and wonders. You will be equipped to confront many of the fears and misconceptions you may face as you step out in spiritual gifts. You will be set free from the fear of pride as it relates to the gifts and instead develop an expectation for the fruit of the Spirit to increase in your life.

The testimonies in The Power-And-Love Sandwich will encourage you and bring you into a greater experience with the goodness of God by pursuing spiritual gifts. This is a great book for people who want to step out in exercising spiritual gifts, or for people who have started stepping out yet are facing opposition.


I Am Persuaded

I Am Persuaded

“Jonathan Brenneman in his ‘I Am Persuaded’ provokes, jabs and challenges our sacred cows of church leadership. Yet, the jabs are not hurtful because they come from Scripture. This is not a reactionary book filled with leader bashing but a graceful and excellent presentation of mostly forgotten principles concerning how Jesus and the early church taught and practiced leadership.

All the key and at times controversial words are discussed: rule, obey, submission, apostles, authority, and spiritual covering. Excellent exegesis on these words is provided and is foundational to the author’s conclusions. If you find yourself disagreeing, then, by all means, do a better exegesis. I think that will be difficult. Jonathan Brenneman has personally made a paradigm shift in his life and shares it with us. Will you?

‘I Am Persuaded’ is more than a fine Bible study, it is filled with real-life stories which illustrate servant leadership. It is well written, fast-paced, and provokes fresh thinking. I believe the reader and the church will be healthier when these principles are put into practice. Will you be persuaded? Will you undergo a paradigm shift? Read and find out. This is a good book and its message needs to be heard.”

Missionary in Bulgaria
Author of “Glorious Kingdom” and “Glorious Covenant”

“This stuff is pure gold! It is potential dynamite to the status quo of church as we know it—exactly the church as we know it that Brenneman urges us to consider ‘letting go’ of in order to follow Jesus into Church as God desires it.”

“I had personal experience in planting the Church in absolutely virgin soil in Outer Mongolia in the early 1990s. The entire story is in my book: ‘There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement.’ Our church planting team worked very hard to leave the ‘heavy package’ of Westernized institutional church at home and use the New Testament as a filter for practices we introduced among the Mongolians. We were largely successful and were led by the Spirit into a number of the concepts found within Brenneman’s book. I would, however, have considered ‘I Am Persuaded’ an absolute treasure had it been available at the time.”

Missionary and Church Planting Coach with YWAM
Author “There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub” and “An A to Z of Near Death Adventures”


Are You My Spiritual Father?

Present Access to Heaven

This short book is adapted from a section of I Am Persuaded: Christian Leadership As Taught By Jesus.

Jesus said, “Call no man on earth father, for you all have one Father who is in heaven.” Yet Paul called Timothy, Titus, and Onesimus his “sons” and sometimes used “father” language when addressing the churches. Was Paul contradicting Jesus?

Instead of cherry-picking scriptures, adapting extreme views, and reviling anyone who sees differently, we need to get to the heart of the issue. Spiritual Fathers Or Brothers? clears up the confusion and helps us to understand the heart of both Paul’s teaching and Jesus’ teaching. While acknowledging that Christian leaders should share in the father heart of God, it also highlights the unhealthy dynamics that result if we go beyond scripture in our emphasis on “fathering” young disciples.

The reader should have a more complete and balanced perspective by the end of this book, whether or not he fully agrees with the author’s conclusions.