The Heaven Now Trilogy


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Jonathan Brenneman spent many years of his Christian life in frustration and powerlessness, in spite of extended periods of seeking God in prayer. Things began to change when he was twenty years old and learned to minister healing. Soon after that, God gave him a vision revealing what caused the years of frustration. He had mentally acknowledged Jesus’ death, resurrection, and incarnation. Yet he had prayed and acted as if Jesus never died, rose from the dead, or came in the flesh.

“A person is vaccinated by receiving a dead or weakened version of a virus in order to make him resistant to it. Satan, the father of lies, works to undermine and weaken our understanding of the gospel so that we become resistant to it.”-Present Access To Heaven

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. If the message we proclaim doesn’t produce power, our understanding of gospel truth has been undermined. Understanding Jesus’ death, resurrection, and incarnation is the foundation for a life of miracles. The Heaven Now Trilogy explores the implications of these truths and takes you inside the mind of a miracle worker.

This series is loaded with encouragement, revelation, and testimonies. Readers have reported being infused with hope and set free from depression, guilt, and condemnation. Whether you’re new to supernatural ministry or have years of experience, the Heaven Now Trilogy will bring fresh perspective to old truths and ignite your heart with passion to experience heaven now.


Book 1: Present Access To Heaven

Access to heaven now is one of the fundamental truths of the gospel! Present Access To Heaven lays a scriptural foundation for experiencing heaven now. The testimonies demonstrate that we really can experience heaven in the worst of earthly circumstances. These truths aren’t impractical theories! Present Access To Heaven will help you to systematically identify and overcome every obstacle which hinders you from experiencing heaven now. If you like preachers like Dan Mohler, you’ll love this book! It includes:

  • How to go to heaven now and experience heaven in any circumstances
  • How to live as a heavenly person
  • How to break free from self-pity
  • How to exercise heaven’s dominion wherever you go
  • How to receive God’s love and let it transform you
  • How Christians often deny Christ’s atonement, resurrection, and incarnation without realizing it
  • How Christians fall into the errors of trying to “descend into the deep” or “bring Christ up from the dead”
  • What hinders Christians from exercising their dominion in Christ
  • The subtle mindsets which have made Christians feel frustrated and powerless
  • Obstacles which keep you from seeing God as he is and living in heaven while on earth
  • How much of your inheritance in Christ do you have access to now?
  • Testimony of healing and sharing the gospel with New-Agers
  • How New-Age and spiritist healing differs from the gospel
  • Other testimonies of walking in love, healing the sick, and making the maimed whole


“I found this book so encouraging as I learnt more of my identity in Christ and was so uplifted by his stories. So much so that reading it lifted me out of a depression I had sunk into due to discouragement.”

“I was particularly blessed one morning as I read from his book over breakfast. Just the evening before, Holy Spirit had been downloading deeper revelation into me of who I really am in His eyes, i.e. my heavenly persona/identity, and how this is a gift that cannot be earned. So I open the book to where I’m up to, Chapter 6 – Dead to the Earthly Man, Resurrected as a Man of Heaven, and wham! The whole chapter is a reinforcement of exactly what I’d experienced the night before.”

“Jonathan carefully expounds the truth of all that is available to us as Christians now. He opened my eyes to long-held beliefs that were hindering me from taking possession of all that is available.”


Book 2: I Will Awaken The Dawn

I Will Awaken The Dawn is full of revelatory teaching on praise, proclamation, and thanksgiving. This book ties praise into our understanding of salvation, highlighting how the supernatural realm works. If you long to see cities and nations filled with the knowledge of God’s glory, this book is for you! Gain insight on how to walk in faith, what triggers angelic activity, and how to “awaken the dawn” of God’s light in cities and nations. Testimonies include:

  • Heavenly experiences entered through praise
  • A church quickly doubling with new converts after one heavenly experience
  • My Grandmother’s vision of heaven
  • Healing of a crippled lady and salvation of her husband
  • Instant healing triggered by testimony
  • Experiences with angelic activity
  • Healed as I was singing
  • Standing against fear and breast cancer disappearing
  • Supernatural rain in my house
  • An invisible umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm

And more!


“Like his previous books, his teaching is rooted in Scripture and saturated in testimonies of the effects of operating in these principles. These testimonies of healing, transformation and just plain miracles (like indoor rain) just fill me with faith, wonder and awe at the greatness of our God.”

“The author carries such a pure tender heart that loves deeply. And there are few books where I’ve felt Holy Spirit wrap around me as I read. This is one of those books.”

“Packed with simple truths of the Gospel that we don’t often hear taught.”


Book 3: Jesus Has Come In The Flesh

 First John teaches that every spirit which denies Jesus has come in the flesh is antichrist. Christ is the Anointed One, and an antichrist spirit opposes the anointing with its lies. Jesus Has Come In The Flesh unmasks the antichrist’s lies which hinder Christians from walking in the anointing. It contains all the Biblical foundations for healing ministry, all tied in to the truth that Jesus came as God in a human body. Recognize how the antichrist spirit is behind every major problem in our societies today. Learn how to exercise dominion over it and destroy its influence.

Jesus Has Come In The Flesh includes:

  • The specific lies by which an antichrist spirit denies that Jesus came in the flesh
  • How Gnostic teaching has influenced the church
  • How Christians mentally acknowledge the incarnation but deny its implications
  • How an antichrist spirit’s lies hinder Christians from walking in the anointing
  • How we can trace every major problem in today’s societies to a denial that Jesus came in the flesh
  • How healing ministry strikes at the root of these problems by demonstrating the incarnation
  • Every major foundational truth for walking in power, and how each one relates to the incarnation
  • How to contradict an antichrist spirit and turn the focus back on Jesus
  • The difference between “mind over matter” and faith in Christ
  • Why healing shouldn’t be any more complicated for us than it was for Jesus
  • How I became more effective when I stopped making healing ministry complicated

The testimonies include:

  • Helping a stroke victim out of his wheelchair
  • Healing by word of knowledge from an infection caused by self-harm
  • Healing of an unrepentant woman from fourth-stage cancer, followed by repentance and deliverance from alcoholism
  • Healing from extreme chronic pain
  • Healing mockers and skeptics
  • Healing in the face of religious opposition
  • Smoker’s lungs clearing and alcoholic’s livers cleansed
  • More healings by word of knowledge
  • Salvation


“This book emphasizes the ‘why’ we need to know about the incarnation of Jesus Christ. In all the years that I’ve been a Christian I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever even say that word, ‘incarnation’ in regards to Jesus, although I had been taught that Jesus walked the earth, did tons of miracles, died on a cross for mankind’s sins and lives in us believers. But this book has given me a deeper revelation of Jesus living in me.”

“I have a much better understanding of world issues and how important it is to have a relationship with Christ. Understanding Jesus’s purpose for coming in the flesh can truly set us free. This is a must read for Bible students as well as any Christ-seeking Christian.”


Heaven Now Trilogy Paperbacks $14.99 each Heaven Now Trilogy Kindle Books

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