The Trojan Horse Of Tithing

“The Trojan Horse Of Tithing” is a plea to Christian leaders, written from a Charismatic/Pentecostal perspective. Jonathan Brenneman exposes the inherent problems with common tithe teachings, highlighting serious issues with even so-called “grace tithing.” He demonstrates how deception starts subtly and documents the growing acceptance in mainstream Christianity of even overt teachings of salvation by tithing. Millions of people today now believe they will never even enter heaven without their tithes. Jonathan lays out 11 commandments of God that churches regularly break for their tithe tradition, arguing that no matter how much we try to dress tithe teachings up as grace, they continue to be the root of serious problems.

The arguments contained here against the modern tithe tradition are thorough, compelling, and overwhelming. The PDF is available here for free. You can download the PDF by clicking on the horse image above or text below, and you can also read the book on the website by clicking the chapters below. You can email to share how the book has impacted you.

You can get the ebook for free at many retailers or for 99 cents on Amazon by clicking here. The paperback is also now available. If you believe in this message and would like to contribute to publishing costs, you can send a paypal donation.

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You can read the book here on the website. Just click the chapter below to read it.


  1. Let’s Get Ready To Take On An Intense Topic!

  2. My Tithe Story

  3. Who’s Teaching Salvation By Tithing?

  4. Subtle Deception Paves The Way For Blatant Error

  5. Is The Tithe Law?

  6. The Many Layers Of Problems With Teaching A Christian Tithe From Malachi

  7. The History Of Tithing

  8. You Break God’s Commandments For The Sake Of Your Tithing Tradition

  9. “But Tithing Works!”

  10. Tithing Undermines Spirit-Led Giving

  11. Spirit-Led Giving

  12. Corrupted Wisdom And Jesus’s Temptation

  13. What About Ministerial Support?

  14. Good News For The Poor

  15. When Not To Accept An Offering

  16. Mothers Are Pleading For Someone To Tell Their Children The Truth!

    When people ask questions like “Should I tithe on my gross income or my net income?,” or “where should I tithe?,” the most common answers usually have no basis at all in scripture! In fact, most tithe teachers never teach on the primary scriptural passages about tithing, the history, or the context of tithing. If they did, they would bring up the real questions we should be asking, which are about the very foundations of our modern tithe traditions.

    The Trojan Horse Of Tithing is opening people’s eyes to how much the tithe tradition is hurting the church. If this book speaks to your heart please share it with as many people as you can, and especially with leaders! The Holy Spirit is putting his finger on this issue right now and telling the churches “Get rid of the leaven!” We must remove the leaven of tithing if we are to have a pure gospel message and more accurately represent Christ to the world.