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The Power-And-Love Sandwich

Why You Should Seek God’s Face AND His Hand

The Power-And-Love Sandwich tells the story of Jonathan Brenneman’s journey into the miraculous. As part of the journey, Jonathan shares the ensuing victories and struggles, including disappointment, misunderstandings, and the fear of pride.

While much has been written to debunk the unbiblical doctrines of cessationism, many people struggle with fear or nervousness about spiritual gifts even though they believe in miracles. The Power-And-Love Sandwich uses sound scriptural exegesis to uproot these fears, unmasking the lies that Satan has planted in the church and refuting a false dichotomy between God’s power and his nature.

In addition, The Power-And-Love Sandwich addresses other common questions and concerns about spiritual gifts and signs and wonders. You will be equipped to confront many of the fears and misconceptions that you may face as you step out in spiritual gifts. You will be set free from the fear of pride as it relates to the gifts and instead develop an expectation for the fruit of the Spirit to increase in your life. The testimonies in The Power-And-Love Sandwich are designed to encourage you and bring you into a greater experience with the goodness of God by pursuing spiritual gifts.

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