Standing Against Fear And Breast Cancer Disappearing

Standing Against Fear And Breast Cancer Disappearing

I can’t remember all of the miracles that have happened in my life, but there are some that really stand out in that they taught a lesson or were especially touching in some way. This was one of them.

Last week I wrote about God’s correction. This was a case in which I clearly heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and when I listened, the results were definitely worth it! I hope that this will encourage you if you ever confront a similar situation. May it help you to help others.

Breast Cancer

This happened on a Sunday night at my parent’s house. There was a small gathering of people there, united to worship the Lord, share from scripture, and pray for each other.

A friend of ours was there who had an extremely difficult family situation. A loved one had been kidnapped and brainwashed. It was heartbreaking to hear what she was confronting, and hard to imagine the stress that she must have felt. She also had a cancerous tumor on her breast, the size of a child’s fist.

We all got around her to pray. I was sitting on the couch at the other side of the room. I prayed in tongues a lot. Then when it was my turn, I began to pray using scriptures that applied to her situation.

As I was sitting there praying, my heart was bursting with God’s love and I started to feel a current of power flowing out of my hand towards her. I knew that she had breast cancer, but I felt like the Holy Spirit wanted us to deal with the situation that she was confronting first.

Feeling Fear

After I felt that we had prayed a good bit for the family situation, it was time to deal with the breast cancer. She told us that when we were praying for her family situation, she started feeling a heat resting on the area where the tumor was. Now I asked her to put her hand on her breast. I held my palm about a foot in front of her and began to curse the tumor and release the goodness of God in her body. “In Jesus’ name, tumor go and everything be made whole!”

She felt a very powerful manifestation of heat and energy in her body. However, I had laid my hands on people before who had cancer and felt a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but later died, or else needed surgery. And so I felt a fear that she would feel God’s touch, but that afterward she would not be fully recovered and need surgery and chemotherapy.

There is a fear attached to situations like cancer, and I was feeling that fear. Of course, I didn’t want the fear, and I tried to focus on what the Lord was doing instead. Sometimes people ask why it seems so easy for knees and backs to be healed, but not things like cancer. It is logical for us to understand that cancer is not any harder for God to heal. Neither is healing cancer any less God’s will than healing a knee. So why does it seem like it is harder than healing a knee or a headache?

The answer is in understanding how God works. It is “according to his power that is at work within us.” There is more fear attached to things like cancer. If we are going to “exercise dominion in life” over cancer, we must let God’s perfect love cast out all fear, so that the “peace of God which passes understanding” rules in our hearts. When we are free from fear, destroying cancer is just as easy as healing a knee.

Making Bold Declarations of Healing

Before I had a good scriptural foundation to go on or really started to see miracles happen, I tried to step out and do exploits a few times, with poor results. I said something that sounded bold, but my heart was trembling. I was trying to work up faith because I desperately wanted to see God do something. The results were very discouraging.

When I became convinced that it was always God’s will to heal I knew I could at least say “God wants to heal you right now,” and be confident that it was true. It was still a big step to say “God is going to heal you right now.” I didn’t feel like I could say that with confidence. Yet I often said “God wants to heal you right now” to people, and many were healed.

Then when I began to get words of knowledge, I became bolder. If I felt like somebody had a particular problem I would usually ask a question. For example, I would ask “Do you have pain in your kidneys”. When they said “yes,” that gave me the confidence to say “God is going to heal your kidneys right now.” I wasn’t trying to work up faith. I was confident about it.

It even got to the point where sometimes I would say “God is going to heal you right now” without getting a word of knowledge. As my heart was strengthened by the Holy Spirit, I just had the confidence to say that. It was like a fact to me. But if I wasn’t confident of something, I knew because my heart trembled. It was better to say “God wants to heal you right now,” unless I knew that I could say “You are going to be healed right now” with no fear. (See Elijah, The Prayer of Faith, and Supernatural Rain.)

“Don’t Worry. When You Feel For The Tumor Again, Try To Find It And It Won’t Be There.”

So our friend felt a powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit, yet I was struggling with the fear that even though she felt heat and electricity the cancer would not be fully gone. Then I felt like the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Tell her that when she checks for the cancer, it won’t be there anymore.”

This was a very bold thing to say, but I felt like to really stand firm against the fear that I felt, I needed to say this to her. And so I obeyed the Lord and I told her “Don’t worry. When you feel for it again, try to find it and it won’t be there.” I could feel the power of God in my words.

She went to the bathroom and felt where the tumor was. She still felt it but it was much smaller. When she told me, it felt like my heart was bursting with strength, strengthened by the love of God. I was confident. I wasn’t moved. I said “Don’t worry. Check again in a little while and it will be gone.”

Five minutes later she checked again, on the way to her car. She could not feel the tumor at all, which before had been the size of a child’s fist. The cancer was gone! Thank you, Jesus!

Is Dealing With Our Unbelief A Hard Pill To Swollow?

Sometimes this can be a tough topic to talk about. It is easier to leave everything up to God than to understand the part that faith, standing against fear, and letting the peace of Christ reign in our hearts has to do with miracles happening.

God has spoken to me several times about these areas in my life. Sometimes it was a hard pill to swallow, but the results of God’s correction were worth it. That’s why I grew to love correction. Please note that I am not at all suggesting you tell someone who is sick that they are not healed because they just don’t have enough faith! That’s terrible, and a very hurtful thing to do. I’m talking about ministering healing.

On my next post I will begin the story of how a guy named Dan Mohler influenced me and what the fruit in my life was when I changed my thinking about some of the things which Dan taught. Ministering to people became much more simple and effective when I received the Lord’s correction through Dan.

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  1. Bren says:

    Yes, this is the types of Testimonies I like to read; those which humbly speak of our living relationships with the Holy Spirit and the outcomes. I am going to share this at some point on my Blog to recommend these Truths to my Readers and in an effort to get word out about your Blog and Teachings bro…