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Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure! by Jonathan Last week we talked about getting out of the “blame game.” Many people are afraid of the high standard that Jesus set for us to walk in God’s power, which is “those who believe in me will do the same works, and

Is Todd White A False Teacher?

  Should I Listen To Todd White, Or Is He A False Teacher? Some time ago, I shared a video of Todd White sharing his thoughts on the whole “Spiritual Father” thing. It’s a really healthy perspective, although it contrasts

You Negate The Word Of God For The Sake Of Your Tithing Tradition Part 2

In the last post, we made the case that the tithe of today is a human religious tradition, supported by fabricated doctrines and differing even in principle from the tithe God commanded Israel. Today we will examine several commands of

Do You Get 100% Results Ministering Healing?

In part 1, part 2, and part 3 on the “new faith movement,” we looked at how today’s “faith movement” tends to differ with many past faith and healing movements. Some of the main points were that the “new faith

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Communion With The Holy Spirit

Last week we talked about the fact that God is Spirit. We must be born of the Spirit to see His kingdom. Christianity as God intends it should flow out of a spiritual connection. I ended with the phrase “The

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Ungodly Judgement In Prophecy

Two weeks ago, we talked about Dealing With Unintentional Witchcraft In Prophecy. I said “I can think of three things which make people susceptible to operating in witchcraft when they prophesy. The first is an unhealthy obsession with what the devil is

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Dealing With Unintentional Witchcraft In Prophecy

The Gift Of Prophecy Thank God for the gift of prophecy! Scripture calls it the greatest of the gifts. Time after time, prophesy from God’s heart has encouraged me, revealed the desires of my heart, and confirmed what I believed God

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I Speak In Tongues More Than All Of You!

A Rudder Last week in Free From Anxiety And Walking In The Spirit, we talked about letting God’s peace govern our mind in every circumstance. This brought up the topic of speaking in tongues. James said that the tongue is

Approaching People Who Need Healing

Last week, I promised to share some recent experiences with approaching people needing healing. It’s often difficult to know how to talk to a stranger who needs healing. I’m not the best at approaching people in public. However, I believe that

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Rejecting A Self-Centered Approach To Divine Healing

Last week in “How do you measure your blessing?”  we talked about having a self-centered focus vs. living a life of love. For the Christian, the greatest blessing is to have the Holy Spirit living inside of us and being

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