Lynne Marie’s Story

Lynne Marie’s Story

Does anybody recognize the lady in this picture? She’s Lynn Marie. I had seen her a while ago in footage from one of the Power and Love conferences. She was ministering to other people while she was wearing oxygen tubes. Her joy and boldness in ministering to other people was inspiring. She didn’t let her own health challenges keep her from ministering healing to others in Jesus’ name!

Somehow I came across Lynn on Facebook a few years after I’d first seen her face, and she didn’t have the breathing tubes in anymore! I think there are some really beautiful lessons we can learn from Lynn’s story.

Born With Cystic Fibrosis, Lungs And Immune System Destroyed, Expected to Die

Lynn was born with cystic fibrosis, and she soon needed new lungs. In the middle of frequent hospital visits, extreme exhaustion, and three-hour sessions of taking medicines, she continued rejoicing in the Lord, speaking truth, and ministering healing to other people. She rejected the voices of fear and hopelessness.

Lynn’s double lung transplant went perfectly. She ministered healing to her nurses in the hospital and walked eight kilometers two weeks after the transplant.  She was suddenly healed of a chronic blood condition called neutropenia, which made her vulnerable to life-threatening infections.  Now she has a testimony of healing! Her story is of perseverance and remarkable recovery.

Let Lynn’s Story Encourage You!

I’m embedding a few videos and sharing Lynn’s Youtube channel and Facebook for those of you who’d like to hear her story in more detail or follow her testimonies.

So many people feel like they can’t minister to the sick or like they don’t have faith because they are wrestling with issues. Satan twists truth and accuses, saying “Well, you just must not have enough faith, and that’s why you’re not healed!” If you’ve wrestled with some health issues, let Lynn’s testimony encourage you. Getting introspective about your faith in that way is never helpful. What is helpful is turning your focus outward.

What I really love is the demonstration of the joy that comes in spite of personal circumstances when we get our focus off of our own issues and turn it to showing God’s love to other people. The joy on Lynn’s face as she ministered to others while walking around with oxygen tubes is a great testimony to the reality of the gospel. And I’m so happy to hear her testimony of healing a few years later! God is the God of hope, even when natural things seem to say you’re as good as dead.

Lynn During The Power and Love Event

Guys, this video has some beautiful testimonies. A lady confessed that she was planning to take her own life before Lynn came and prayed for her. It’s so easy to turn inward and focus on our own circumstances when things are tough, but what an impact we can have when we turn outward instead to show God’s love to people!

Double Lung Transplant Testimony

This video is a bit longer. Lynn shares some words of knowledge and Jesus heals more people at the end.

Healing From A Chronic Blood Disease

She persevered and rejected hopelessness….and suddenly the disease disappeared!

If you want to keep updated with more testimonies, you can check out Lynn’s Youtube channel, A Lifestyle of Evangelism, or follow her public updates on Facebook.

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