Bless What God Is Doing And Do What God Is Blessing!

Bless What God Is Doing And Do What God Is Blessing!

Goiânia Brazil-Where we just moved

So, I’m publishing this post a little bit late today. We just moved over 800 miles away (by car), from Rio de Janeiro to Goiania, in Brazil. Actually, we still have to hire a truck to bring the beds and other things here, and then I have to go back to get my elderly mother-in-law and father-in-law. So we haven’t moved completely yet.

We probably wouldn’t have gone through with this if not for a prophetic word we received shortly before we got the opportunity to move. It is a big change and it felt like a big risk. But about three months ago, a friend prayed for us on Skype and said she saw us moving northwest to the interior of Brazil. I felt like God confirmed the word to my heart. Just a few weeks later, we got the opportunity to go.

Anyways, this is the subject that I felt God put on my heart recently…

Bless What God Is Doing!

When I minister to people, I usually declare “I bless what God is doing in your life!” Likewise, when I pray for the churches, I regularly proclaim “I bless the work of the Holy Spirit in the assembly where Pastor Marcio (for example) preaches!”

I was thinking about this recently. I realized that the idea of blessing what God is doing must seem strange to some people. In fact, I’m sure that many Christians might find it offensive. After all, he is God! Why would my blessing even be relevant if God is doing something?

I thought about how I started praying this way. I think it goes back to Randy Clark and his organization, Global Awakening. I started ministering healing to people after a Global Awakening conference. Randy taught us to minister with our eyes open and interview the person receiving prayer so as to recognize what the Holy Spirit was doing. When a person receiving ministry has begun to feel heat or some other manifestation of power as God was healing them, I’ve often heard Randy say something like “Thank you God. We bless the heat….” In some way, Randy would bless the manifestation of God’s power.

I picked up on that and began to do the same. I learned that as we recognize what the Holy Spirit is doing, thank God for it, and bless the Holy Spirit’s work, the manifestation of power and God’s glory usually increases. Why?

God has called us into communion and co-laboring with him. This is why prayer and faith accomplish things. I’ve heard some people say that prayer isn’t about changing God or changing circumstances, but it’s about changing us. People who talk like that know very little about how God’s power works. Yes, prayer can change us, but it also changes situations! And of course, prayer doesn’t change who God is, I agree, but it is coming into agreement with God’s purposes. If we understand that God’s will and nature is revealed through Christ and not through circumstances, then we won’t imagine for a moment that wanting to change circumstances would equate to trying to change God.

It’s never about trying to manipulate God, nor is it about trying to set up man as God. Those who don’t understand the incarnation often accuse us of that. Incarnation is about God dwelling in man and man in God; it’s man called into communion, partnership, and union with God. God gives us a part in his work not because he lacks power, but because he desires communion with us.

Recognize What The Holy Spirit Is Doing And Say Yes To It!

I’ve learned that the Holy Spirit is always working, and he is looking for his people to step into agreement and partnership with him. Sometimes we get focused on what’s wrong, but we need to have eyes to see and focus on what God is doing in every circumstance, in every place, and in every person’s life.

Nowadays when I visit a church, much of the time as we sing I’m just weeping and saying “Holy Spirit, thank you for what you’re doing here. I bless your work in this place. I bless your work in these people. I agree with everything you’re doing here, God!” This is often how I pray. And I’m weeping because the work of the Holy Spirit is so precious, and I always want his intervention in every situation.

Do What God Is Blessing!

Another phrase I’ve heard before is “Instead of asking God to bless what you’re doing, why don’t you do what God is blessing?”

I have mixed feelings about this phrase. On the one hand, there are definitely some things that God is blessing, and it’s a good idea to do them. In general, some of those things are sharing the gospel, ministering healing and deliverance, and helping the poor or oppressed. We see in scripture that helping the poor can bring a financial blessing, because God is always helping the poor, it’s his nature, and we are joining our will to his.

There are also times when we have a specific word from God, or God has sent us specifically. If we obey, his blessing is often evident. I remember when I faced a lot of adversity before my third trip to Russia, but God made it absolutely clear that he was sending me. When I arrived it was an indescribable feeling, like an army of angels was with me and all of heaven was backing me.

This is why we are in Goiania now. I think God is blessing this, so we are here!

God May Also Bless What You’re Doing!

I mentioned that I have mixed feelings about the phrase “Instead of asking God to bless what you’re doing, why don’t you do what God is blessing?” I agree with doing what God is blessing. But I believe that when we are walking in communion with God, God also may bless what we’re doing. (And if not he can redirect us!) If works both ways. The main thing is walking in communion with God, sharing his heart, and being united in purpose with him.

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One comment on “Bless What God Is Doing And Do What God Is Blessing!
  1. John Bridge says:

    ” This is often how I pray. And I’m weeping because the work of the Holy Spirit is so precious, and I always want his intervention in every situation.”
    That speaks volumes to me Jonathan! I have come to equate ‘weeping’ with “compassion”, which Scripture often refers upon Jesus.. “he was moved with compassion”. An absolutely essential emotion when co-laboring with Him. Actually confirms His Spirit within with His fullness. So it is quite natural to bless what he is doing. The SAME Spirit identifies us together (1 Cor 6:17) with the same agreement.
    Blessings to all your work and new direction with Him.