How I Stopped All The Complicated Stuff In Healing The Sick-Part 3

How I Stopped All The Complicated Stuff In Healing The Sick-Part 3


Convinced That Healing Is Simple

In part 1 of this thread, I shared how I got frustrated by trying to deal with many “hindrances to healing”. In part 2 I wrote about how Dan Mohler convinced me that things were really a lot less complicated. I asked him questions because I wanted to believe what he did, but I wanted to be fully convinced if I was going to believe it. He (and the Holy Spirit) convinced me.

This week I came across a video of Dan talking about some of these things more recently. You can listen to it here.

When I ministered to someone and nothing happened at first, I was no longer going to try to find all kinds of things that might be “hindering” the healing. I no longer needed to have a counseling session or try to convince the recipient to believe more. I would simply stand firm.

The Results Of My Change In Thinking

Things were so much easier! My strength was renewed, and I finally began to see unbelievers healed. I now had the faith to approach them. I saw many more miracles than before because I didn’t let go of my faith so easily by wondering if the recipient had unforgiveness, a hindering sin that was not repented off, or too much unbelief. I stopped being bothered as much by things that people said which showed doubt.

Soon after I met Dan, I went on a trip to visit my good friends at The Son Spot in Ocean City, Maryland. On that trip I continued to challenge myself to reach unbelievers with God’s power, and these were two of the miracles that happened. I would never have had faith for these before my change in thinking.

“They’re Shrinking!”

I had the chance to go around with a brother who was delivering food from the ministry’s food bank to families who had need. He told me that this would be a good opportunity for some people to be healed, since I liked to minister healing.

Before we visited one particular family, he told me about some of the lady’s spiritual problems and her alcoholism. Before, I would have thought “I’ll tell her that Jesus carried her sins and sicknesses. I’ll encourage her to repent and ask God to help her with her drinking, and then when she receives forgiveness she can receive her healing.” Now, I was thinking “God will heal her and the demonstration of God’s goodness through the healing will give her opportunity and grace to repent.”

Romans 2:4 (KJV) …not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

When we met the lady, I asked her if there was anything that she needed to be healed of. She showed me her legs and feet that were all swollen up. I told her “God can heal your legs, and he will also help you to get free from alcohol addiction.” As I was talking to her, I felt like the Lord showed me that her kidneys and her heart also needed to be healed. I asked her about this, and she was stunned and started telling me about her kidney and heart problems. It was the kidney problem that was causing the water retention in her feet.

I told her “God is going to heal your kidneys and your heart to show you his goodness, and this will be an opportunity for you to get free from addiction.” I prayed for her and commanded her body to be healed. She felt heat on her kidneys, and then she looked at her feet and said “Look, they’re shrinking.”

When she said that, they really started to shrink quickly. She screamed and ran over to her husband who was sitting in an easy chair, smoking and watching TV. She started yelling, “Look, my feet are shrinking, look!” He didn’t seem so excited, but the swelling disappeared before our eyes.

This lady’s physical issues were caused by her sin-which she had not repented of. She also had a lot of anger and bitterness, which she admitted. The last I heard, she still had not gotten her life right, even after she was healed. But this did not stop the Holy Spirit from touching her and drawing her with his goodness.

“God Is Healing Your Knee”

Another time on that same trip, I was walking back to the Son Spot and I felt like the Holy Spirit showed me that there was a right knee injury that needed to be healed. Then I saw some women on the street and I realized that one of them was limping. It looked like they had been partying and drinking. At least one of her friends was drunk.

I approached them and I asked if it was her right knee that was causing her to limp. It was. They looked weirded out and uncomfortable that I was talking to them. I pointed my hand and said “In Jesus’ name, knee be healed right now.”

When I said that, her whole face changed and became contorted with a look of hatred and rage. Have you ever been cussed out by someone who didn’t want to hear about Jesus? It looked like a long string of profanity was about to come out of her mouth. But before she said anything, I said quickly, “Just wait. Does your knee hurt now?”

She looked confused and said “no.” I said “start moving it and see if it hurts.” She did. No pain. Still confused. She walked around and bent it more, and I asked again “Does it hurt at all?” She said “no.” After three or four times of this happening, she finally started to realize that it was really better. I said “Well, I’m glad that your knee is better,” and I walked away. Her whole countenance changed, softened. She said “Thank you.”

Here was a woman who thought that she hated Jesus and hated Christians. (She thought that she hated Jesus, but she really just didn’t know him.) She was probably bitter about past experiences with religion. It looked like she was about to cuss me out. But none of that stopped God’s power from touching her.

More Healing Testimonies

Those are just two of the stories that I best remember of what happened after I received God’s correction through Dan’s teaching. There are many more.

I began to believe for the lungs of smokers to be cleared out and for the livers of alcoholics to be made new. I also laid hands on people who had sexually transmitted hepatitis. These people were sick as a direct result of their sin, yet I was proclaiming God’s mercy to them. Smokers felt their breathing get easier and their lungs clearing. I remember one man who had abused alcohol and had bad cirrhosis of the liver. I help my hand behind his back and said “In Jesus’ name, liver be whole! Toxins leave!” He began to physically feel something like a vacuum in his body sucking toxins out of his liver. Instead of repentance being a requirement needed to get healed, the healing was God’s call to repentance for these people if they had not already repented.

One young guy suffered an injury playing soccer. He felt God’s power and got better when I laid my hands on him, commanding the injury to be healed. Even though it wasn’t 100% better that night, it convinced him that the healing thing which I talked about so much was really real. I found out from others that before he used to mock and make fun of me for always asking people if they needed to be healed. Even skeptics and mockers could be healed!

New-Agers and Spiritists were healed as well. When I asked if anybody at a picnic table needed to be healed, one man said “Do I have to believe what you believe for this to work?” I said “No, what happens is based on what I believe, not on what you believe.” He did not accept what I believe about Jesus, but he said they would give me a chance if they didn’t have to believe what I did for it to work. That was the beginning of a string of miracles, with 20 or so people who were around there healed. Most of them had New Age beliefs.

God’s Merciful Nature

The change in my thinking that occurred when I talked to Dan became a major change in my life. The things which happened and the truth behind them led me to a much greater understanding of God’s nature and love. Having a greater revelation of God’s nature also made me love him more.

Some of the miracles made me cry. God was so full of mercy. He was so willing to pour out his goodness even on those who hated him. Jesus told us to love our enemies, because God loves his enemies. He is not holding men’s sins against them. (2 Corinthians 5:19)

Matthew 5:43-45 (KJV) Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

God’s kindness to those who made made themselves his enemies impressed me. Seeing this stopped me from being bothered as much when people were so against me. Even if people mocked me, it couldn’t stop me from loving them.

Salvation Is For The Whole Being

You have probably heard stories of physical healing that a person received when they forgave somebody, repented of sin, or received “inner healing.” Maybe you have experienced it. There is certainly basis for us to understand that many physical issues are often caused by spiritual or emotional problems.

Inner healing and repentance are also the work of the Holy Spirit! Physical healing can certainly happen in conjunction with inner healing or releasing forgiveness. The Holy Spirit may also lead us to challenge a person to repent or to forgive someone that they are bitter against. Yet I no longer believe that we should see things like a person’s unbelief, sin, or unforgiveness as “blocks” that need to be dealt with before God can physically heal them. We often find so many reasons why we think that it’s “not working” that we easily let go of faith instead of standing firm.

In my experience, many people have received emotional healing through the physical healing that God accomplished. I have seen people who felt like God didn’t love them and who were numb with emotional pain, weeping after they were physically healed. When a person is physically healed, it reveals God’s nature to them, healing hearts and empowering them to forgive others if they have unforgiveness. Many people have come to repentance after being physically healed by the Lord.

God wants to touch people’s hearts and bodies as well. Either one can happen through the other. A person can receive physical healing as they forgive, or they can forgive and receive emotional healing when they are first physically healed. Yet neither one is contingent on the other. Don’t let the problems that you see in a person’s emotions and heart destroy your faith for their physical healing, because the physical healing will reveal God’s goodness to them in order to lead them to repentance.


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4 comments on “How I Stopped All The Complicated Stuff In Healing The Sick-Part 3
  1. ycherioerio says:

    Thanks for the 3 parts. I’m wondering – back to the first part when you were disappointed because of people not being healed, which led to you believing that hindrances needed to be addressed. Now you’ve stopped believing that. However, how would you now react to non-healings? I’m interested to hear what you have to say!

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for commenting! A lot more people were healed when I stopped believing that all kinds of different things could hinder God’s power. But what about the ones that still aren’t?

      The simple answer is this: Jesus healed everyone that came to him. The church is the body of Christ, and Ephesians says that we are “growing in the knowledge of the Lord” and growing up into the “full measure of the stature of Christ”.

      I ask myself, “Do I have room to grow in Christ? Is it possible for me to walk in the love of God, the peace of God, and the grace of God to a greater degree than I am now? Is it possible for me to demonstrate God’s glory to a greater degree than I am now?”

      The answer is obvious. Of course! So I should be encouraged by that because I know that more is possible than what I have yet experienced. I see how God has helped me in the past so that I have already seen miracles that seemed so impossible before, and I know that with the Lord much greater things are ahead of me.

      There is much more we could say about that. I have already written some posts about it like “Standing Against Fear And Breast Cancer Disappearing”. We learn to stand firm even if we don’t yet see something with natural eyes. Scripture says “Stand firm therefore, and having done everything, stand”. Many times people who still had problems after the first times, or several times of ministry, are then healed. We learn to keep going, being firm and convinced of the will of God which he revealed by sending Jesus.

      There are often times when we begin in faith and God’s power is touching somebody but then we drop the ball and think that it didn’t work because we didn’t see it with our natural eyes yet. For example, there was one guy I prayed for who only had slight improvement in his eyes, but he constantly had a high level of pain and the pain was no less after I commanded it to leave. I had a feeling of disappointment, like it didn’t work, but then the Holy Spirit spoke to me that the disappointment was a lie. I had to stand firm and tell the devil to shut up. By the end of the day all the pain in his body was gone and in four days all the open sores on his body were gone.

      However, if I had gotten the wheels spinning in my head wondering “Why didn’t it work”, I would have gotten out of a place of faith even though the Holy Spirit was working when I couldn’t see it with natural eyes. I’m still learning and growing in this, but that was one experience I had. Dan Mohler has been the best encouragement in helping me to see where I can grow, and helping me to stay encouraged.He often talks about not reducing faith to one point in time.

      I don’t go on wondering “why, why, why?”. I know that God’s will is to heal, because of Jesus’ example and the teaching of scripture. I know what I have seen God do already. And I know that more is possible for me in Christ than what I have experienced so far, so I keep going and keep laying my hands on people and I don’t stop. If someone is not healed the first time I will lay my hands on them again. I’m not going to let discouragement over something that didn’t happen stop me from laying hands on people when so much is happening.

      Great question!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I am not mocking.. just kind of confused, I understand why Jesus would heal a nonbeliever in order to show His power.. but did the New-Agers and Spiritists give Him the glory after receiving healing? Jesus is merciful.. but shouldn’t the end result be to give God glory, repent, and follow Him?

    • Jonathan says:

      Jesus heals people because of compassion, and he has compassion whether or not they respond by repenting. One scripture says that God gives rain (symbolic of blessing) to the righteous and the unrighteous. However, of course God wants to bring people to repentance.

      The New-Agers and Spiritists have been influenced by an anti-Christ spirit which takes Jesus (the most important thing) out of the equation. We constantly confront that spirit when we minister to them. It tries to distract the people it is influencing from seeing Jesus. They often give the credit to your positive energy or something else, but not to Jesus. Then we have to point them to the one (Christ) who took their sins, pains, and sicknesses on himself.

      I just realized that I haven’t yet shared the rest of that story in any of my blog posts, so I’ll share it this Wednesday. I did share the gospel with them and contradict the anti-Christ spirit that manifested in the words of one of the New-Agers there. We do that with gentleness and grace towards the people, but we know we are confronting a spirit. A gospel seed was sown, and I pray that it takes root and leads some of those same people to Jesus. Many new Christians have come to salvation after seeing or experiencing a healing miracle.

      I’m sure you will enjoy this Wednesday’s post! Thanks for inspiring my next blog post with your question. Meanwhile, I wrote some of my thoughts on confronting an anti-Christ spirit here: