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Does God Forgive You Before Or After You Repent?

chicos, some people assume that if God’s forgiveness comes before repentance, everybody is saved and we have little reason to preach the gospel. I do not believe that everybody is saved. I don’t equate forgiveness with salvation. Forgiveness is what makes salvation

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Overcoming Attack By The Demon Of The City!

Last week I shared some of the things we’ve faced recently, including death threats by a crazed drug addict. I was struggling in my heart over how to respond. Then not long after that happened, I realized that God had

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Zeal And Striking Your Enemy

I was praying a little while ago and a picture of someone striking the ground with something flashed through my mind’s eye. It reminded me of a Bible story I hadn’t read in a while: 2 reyes 13:14-19(NVI) Now when

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A Fresh View OnSpiritual Warfare

Why God's people do have authority over territorial spirits, and the real reasons people become needless casualties.

Ahora el cielo!

Alabanza, Proclamación, Acción de gracias

Exponer las mentiras de un espíritu anticristo y aprender a caminar en la unción!

Jesus Has Come In The Flesh

Por qué usted debe buscar el rostro de Dios y su mano!

Prueben y vean que el Señor es bueno!

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