Approaching People Who Need Healing

Approaching People Who Need Healing

wheelchair-edited_1280Last week, I promised to share some recent experiences with approaching people needing healing. It’s often difficult to know how to talk to a stranger who needs healing. I’m not the best at approaching people in public. However, I believe that Jesus lives in me, and I have something that others need. I’m learning to act according to what I say I believe.

“You’re Acting Like I Have A Disability!”

 Right now, I’m visiting my family and friends in the US for the first time in three years. My US cell phone recently died, and I went to Wall-Mart to find out how to switch my phone number and plan to a different phone.

A guy nearby was also trying to change his number to a different phone. He started chatting with me and complaining about how long it was taking. I noticed that one of his eyes drifted to the side and wasn’t straight like the other one. I thought “Since Jesus lives in me, I shouldn’t leave this guy with a crooked eye.” However, he was on hold waiting to talk to a phone company representative, so it seemed like a difficult time to pray for him.

I walked around and then checked back. Ten, then fifteen minutes later he was still on the phone. I was waiting because I didn’t want to leave him with a crooked eye, but he was still on hold. Finally, I decided to talk to him anyways.

I told him the story of how God healed my back, and I said that I now pray for many people and they get free from pain. “I noticed your eye. Can I pray for you?”

He got a little angry and said “No, you don’t want to pray for me. You don’t want to pray for me. You’re acting like a have a disability or something. I’m fine. I can see fine out of this eye and I drive truck.” It seemed that there was no use talking to him any more.

His response made me sad. He had no idea that his eye really could have been straightened, and he rejected what God wanted to give him.

Keep Going

Most people accept prayer, and fear of a negative response is usually unfounded. Yet sometimes we do encounter people who react with anger or mockery when we offer to share God’s gifts with them. There have been times that I’ve felt so embarrassed that I didn’t approach anybody else for a little while. Yet when Christ’s love compels us, we lose self-consciousness. We feel grieved that a person has rejected God’s gift, rather than embarrassed and ashamed at their response.

I’m learning to keep going. “If you believe, you’ll see the glory of God. Soon after, I saw a lady with a cane. Again, I told myself “Jesus lives in me, so I have what she needs, How can I leave her limping?” She was polite and allowed me to pray for her, but she didn’t feel anything happen or report much difference afterwords. She said something like “I think it feels a little better.” Somebody (maybe a daughter) gave me a nasty look when she saw me talking with the lady.

I could have stopped then. I have stopped at that point before. But I decided to keep acting in accordance with what I say I believe. I don’t want to believe something theologically, but be found not putting it into practice. I think that’s the worst kind of unbelief.

“I Wouldn’t Be Talking To You If I Wasn’t Dead Serious.”

Sometimes I start crying as I walk down the street. I know that Jesus lives in me, and something needs to happen. I have to pray for somebody.

I’ve seen what Jesus can do. It’s sad when people reject him. But sometimes it’s hard to convince them that God wants to touch them. Sometimes it’s so hard to know how to talk people and convince them that you don’t want anything from them, but you only want to bless them.

After getting rejected by the man with the crooked eye, I tried to think of a better way to approach people. I would never subject myself to possible embarrassment and the inconvenience of talking to strangers if I didn’t believe I could really help them. Could I convince people of that?

As I was looking for a friend, I saw a man pushing his wife in a wheelchair. I asked her “Does it hurt to walk?” Some people us a wheelchair at Wal-Mart just because walking is painful. But she said “No, I can’t walk at all.” She also told me that she had lots of back pain.

I said “Guys, I’d never be talking to you if I wasn’t dead serious. I had a lot of back pain once, and somebody prayed for me. I didn’t expect anything to happen, but I felt something like a ball of energy rolling up and down my spine and the pain left. Now I pray for many people and they get free from pain and sickness. Will you let me pray for you?”

The man looked like he had his guard up, but his wife said “OK.” I put my hand on her shoulder and said “In Jesus’ name, I release God’s goodness and peace on you. Everything become like it is in heaven. Pain go. Nerves be restored. Everything be perfect.”

The back pain was gone! Not only that, but she felt shivers going up and down her legs. I could have asked her if she wanted to stand up. Maybe I should have, but I thought “I don’t want to make it look like this is some kind of show. I just want her to know how Jesus cares for her.”

We talked a little, and they thanked me. The air suddenly felt electric with God’s glory. I thanked them for letting me pray, and said “I’m glad that the pain in your back is gone.” Later I saw them again in the store, and she still felt shivers running up and down her legs.

I’m glad I didn’t get discouraged and quit after the first guy got mad at me, and the second person didn’t feel much happen at the moment.

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